Rochester Lilac Festival

Rochester Lilac Festival

The Rochester Lilac Festival is celebrating 126 years in 2024! Featuring stunning gardens in an Olmstead-designed park, with hundreds of varieties of lilacs and other flora. This 10-day event (May 10-19) features live music all day, everyday from 10:30am-8:30pm with local and national musicians. There is also a 5K/10K, Art in the Park and tons of food vendors.

We have been doing this festival now for 27 years!! We do airbrush face painting and temporary tattoos for EVERYONE (we mean everyone - we paint babies, kids, teens, adults, seniors and even your furry friends)! We will have as many as 4 stands throughout the park on the weekends and one - two during the week. If you cannot find us, use the chat feature on our website or check in with our office at 585-482-8786. We'll be happy to answer as quickly as we can.

We will have small simple designs, half face, full face and even scenes (several designs painted together)! Designs start at only $5 making us one of the least expensive activities in the park!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Lilac Festival!

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