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Black Nail Polish - Goth - Cat - Witch - Rock Star - Theatrical Makeup

Black Nail Polish - Goth - Cat - Witch - Rock Star - Theatrical Makeup

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Create a dramatic finishing touch by adding eye-catching, glossy and dramatic effects to your nails. Our striking Midnight Black nail polish from Mehron will instantly transform your nails to create that vivid impact. Available in .5 fl. oz size. Other costumes and accessories are sold separately on our page – subject to availability. Perfect for Halloween, cosplay, club nights, everyday wear, theatrical productions, witches, animae, rock stars, cats, goth looks and more.

How to use this product:

After you have applied a base coat to your nails you can start applying the nail polish. Taking your nail polish brush, dip it in the polish just so you have enough polish on your brush to create a thin layer. Then swipe on the nail polish with three, thin strokes with one in the middle and two on the sides. Let your nail polish dry for two minutes before applying the second coat. After your nail polish has dried, you can apply your second layer of polish, using the same technique as the first layer with three, even strokes of polish. Let your polish dry and proceed to the third coat if you want a darker color. If you are going for a lighter color, the second layer can be your last layer. Once you have finished applying the color to your nails, application of a top coat will help the nail polish last longer and to keep it from chipping. Make sure your nails are dry before you apply the top coat, they shouldn't feel sticky. Then, apply a layer of top coat with three swipes in one direction across your nails. Let the top coat dry before you do anything else with your hands to keep your nails from chipping or smudging.

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