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Bullet Wound Kit - 2 Piece - Silicone - Reusable - Cosplay - Adult Teen

Bullet Wound Kit - 2 Piece - Silicone - Reusable - Cosplay - Adult Teen

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This is the Ultimate Bullet Wound Kit! There are 2 bullet holes! No Strings Attached! StickFX is a peel and stick mask that stays put and is reusable! Made of Silicone! Made in the USA!

  • 2-piece self-adhering, ready-to-wear, reusable wounds to complete any scary Halloween or theatrical look.
  • Pre-painted but can be used with additional blood for additional effect.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone, self-adhering, reusable.
  • No strings & no glues or removers required.
  • One size fits most adults & teens.
  • Please note that our masks are handmade & hand painted in the USA, therefore no two items will be identical & may vary slightly from photos.

Our reusable peel and stick silicone bullet wound kit is the next hot thing for Halloween, theater and cosplay. No strings and no adhesives! And one of the most amazing features is they are HAIR FRIENDLY! 

How Does It Work?

StickFX has a sticky backing to it that can be cleaned and reused over and over. For the older kids out there remember those sticky spiders you could thrown against the wall and they would stick and crawl down? Similar idea. The mask sticks to your face and stays on until you peel it off. You can even stick it over your eyebrows! We promise your eyebrows will be ok! Need to clean it up a bit? Just spray with a little rubbing alcohol a wipe clean.

StickFX masks are perfect for cosplay, theatrical productions, Halloween and comic-con conventions! 

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